Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lily W's review of "The Problem with Forever" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Heya everybody I know it's been a while since I last wrote a review, sorry about that I will try to do better. So last night I finished The Problem With Forever! I want to say first that this review will have spoilers later on and I will warn you before I get to that section but here is the no spoilers review.

I found this book to be extremely cliche, but not in an awful way. The ending did surprise me somewhat which is good! I thought the whole book would be cheesy and predictable! I didn't hate it, which you all know takes a lot for me to say especially for sappy romance novels since the genre usually leaves me wanting to vomit. (Good news I didn't this time!) Some things you should know about this novel before you read it: if you have experienced a very rough childhood and don't wish to be reminded of somewhat similar circumstances do not read this novel (at times there are vivid descriptions of abuse physical and verbal), if you cannot stand any amount of romance don't read this novel (I really hate romance and this book was filled to the brim with it), and if you hate reading don't read this book (really needed a third thing to make the commas worth it guys).

So I personally sorta liked this book. I took two school days to read it but I started reading later on the first night (to give you an idea how long I think it was a little less than five hundred pages or so but I wouldn't swear to that). I was first drawn to it by the super cute clover with these rainbow water colors because water colors are one of the most fun things to work with and it just brought up so many happy memories (but no water coloring in the book I felt so cheated!). When I read the inside flap summary thing I decided to get it because (no spoilers yet this is all on the inside cover flap thingy) it said it was about a girl who had gotten out of an abusive family but had been taken from the foster child she'd grown up with and who protected her from a lot of beatings and stuff like that. They were really, really close. So since then she's been adopted by great parents and has gotten better through therapy and homeschooling, but decides to go to her senior year of high school at a public school where she ends up seeing (cue the drums!) the boy she grew up with who she somehow doesn't think of as a brother but as a love interest and that isn't creepy at all!!!!! Seriously puke worthy for me anyway, but this story isn't awful and I think you guys should check it out I think you'll be happily surprised by the ending! If you can get past the thought of them sorta being like brother and sister...that was hard for me.


So ok now I can just get my true feelings out without being vague. What the heck? Ok so Mallory is in love with Rider? Like how did they not see each other as brother and sister? I mean they grew up together and took care of one another like siblings, I mean it doesn't matter if you aren't related by blood you are still brother and sister. I guess they didn't see it that way because as we all could tell from the story they are happily doing things siblings just should do not do to one another. It took me a while to get past this and accept it because it was clear these guys were lovey dovey from the get go but I tried, I already get grossed out by romance normally I don't need to think about incest being thrown into the mix. Blech! Gross! Ok still getting over that image...onto the next topic!

I felt as if this wasn't the worst love story I've ever read. Like it was nice that they weren't trying to be up in each other’s business every five second and all which lately in teen novels seems to be a common theme. Speaking of common themes, why is it always that the girl is the inexperienced dater? I mean for once can we have the boy in the novel be more nervous than the girl? I mean I understand Mallory is a nervous person and all but come on! I mean every freaking book, the girl is so nervous about it all and the guy is just like “lemme show ya how to smooch sweet cakes” and the girl’s like “but I'm nervous” and he's like “then I'll take it slow honey bunny no rush” then she's like “well even though I said I'm nervous I'm just gonna throw myself on top of you now...because you were so kind and said we'll take it slow.” That's not at all how the dialogue was in this book but this is just how stupid romance novels sound to me all the time!

But anyways, onto the positive! So remember when I mentioned that I liked the book (you know way at the beginning before I said all these mean things) it was not for the new found love and crap, or the fact that they killed off the one sane person in the book...as usual. No I liked it because as stupid as the story seemed, I was vaguely interested enough in reading it and was pleasantly surprised when Mallory stood up for herself at the end of the novel. To her beloved Rider too!!! I was all like “YOU GO GIRL YOU ARE A STRONG INDEPENDANT GINGER WHO DON’T NEED NO BOYFRIEND WHO HAS NO SELF ESTEEM! YOU TELL HIM THAT HE IS WORTH WHILE! WHOOP!” And she also stood up for her career dreams to her parents or whatever...less important. But I was honestly happy! Like she understood that she could fight for herself and did, she screamed love and affection (the only way to express these emotions if you ask me) to Rider and told him he needed to get a grip and realize he deserved happiness, family, and love, that he was isolating himself from these things. I loved that this was not an immediate change for Rider or Mallory. That at the end of the novel they were each still working on believing they deserved happiness! I loved that their happy ending didn't even happen in the book, that it was established they were in a good place but needed to improve and would. On a different note, I was also surprised when they got back together because I thought this book might have wanted to focus on the fact that sometimes no matter what you try, you can't change people even if you love them. But nope, they just had to get back together didn't they?

Overall I like how this book focused on self growth and realizing that you are worth it. That no matter what is in your past you can have a positive impact on others, and can make a good life for yourself. I love positivity and try my best to be positive in real life (just wanted to say because these reviews can be pretty brutal). I know a lot of people take for granted everything they have in life, while they don't even realize that while their parents might give them a ten o'clock curfew to make sure they are safe, somebody else in their school has to deal with extremely brutal situations of their own. Yes we all have our flaws, and I most certainly have a lot I'll be the first to say so! But I believe that we shouldn't take for granted the opportunities our lives give us, because like this book stresses, we don't always get a second chance.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

John goodbye blog post

So, for one year and eleven months, we had an awesome, loving, caring, and sharing Mrs. Jennifer Billingsley.  We had our ups :) , downs :( , and our OK times :\.  We also had our Teen Advisory Board Meetings, our Teen Advisory Board Book Discussions, Game Days, Anime, and so many, many more awesome, fun-filled events.  I think everyone had a blast with the awesome events that were planned by us and hosted by Mrs. Billingsley.  WE, THE TEEN ADVISORY BOARD, WILL DEEPLY MISS YOU, BUT WE APPRECIATE ALL THE LOVELY EVENTS THAT YOU PUT INTO OUR MEMORIES.
From your secretary,

A brief noted from the librarian in question: when I said in our last meeting that I would take reviews of anything, this is certainly not what I expected! I guess this one is a review of the librarian. 
。゚(TヮT)゚。 Nicely played John ... I'll miss you guys too! <3 <3 


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

GadgetJax Reviews: Tadpole Treble for Wii U and Steam

Image from the games page on Steam
What defines a video game? Is it the thrill of action that you get from a complex (or in some cases, simplistic) battle system? Is it the invigorating narrative that gives a game an engaging story to tell? Or maybe it could be the excitement of competition, where several players go head-to-head for one to arise champion and proclaim him or her self the victor?

Now, how would you feel if I told you that it's entirely possible to design a great video game that features none of those traits? For some, this might not sound like a video game at all, as most games feed from the concept of challenge. Yet, today's game does just that.

Our review for today is Tadpole Treble.

But just what is Tadpole Treble? The name of the game is unlikely to ring any bells. So, I present a quick bit of backstory on the development of this uncanny title.
Tadpole Treble was primarily developed by Matthew Taranto. The name isn't immediately recognizable, though, because good ol' Matt isn't known for game development at all! Rather, Matthew is renowned for writing Brawl In The Family, a Webcomic series primarily about Super Smash Brothers and the games each Smash character comes from.
The original strip ran from 2008 to 2014, mostly focusing on Kirby from the Kirby Dream Land series. Perhaps one or two of you have heard the line 'I'm gonna get you, Kirby' online at once. Or, maybe you've noticed the immense popularity of Waluigi as an internet meme icon - yep, you have Brawl In The Family to partly thank for that.
Development for Tadpole Treble started with an online Kickstarter to raise funds for the game's overall development. Thanks to the loyalty of dear readers, Tadpole Treble was successfully Kickstarted, eventually releasing in 2016 for both the Wii U and Steam services.

Tadpole Treble has no major plot, so to speak; It's about as simple as any game you might have played from the 80's. You play as Baton, a young Tadpole who gets washed away from the rest of her family and must return home by swimming through excess lines of sheet music. Nothing special, but a thick story could have detracted from the rest of the game, so I won't complain.
Gameplay is simple as well: Just guide Baton through the musical score, dodging obstacles that represent the notes to each song. You press up or down to move Baton, and hit any button on the controller to slap your fin. This fin slap can hit bamboo chutes for extra points, whack cymbals for a quick jump, or knock away pesky mosquitoes. It couldn't get any more simple than that.
The music of Tadpole Treble is the driving soul of the game, but it isn't of the 'over-energetic' style you would expect in your usual game. Each land you swim through uses new instrument styles, like pianos and flutes. Not exactly something you would expect in the digital age, would you? A few of the lands you visit even feature songs with full vocals; there are only about three of them, but they're some of the most memorable parts of the experience. Thunder Creek is the best of the three.
I must compliment the art direction of this game as well. Matthew's track record as a web cartoonist really shines through here. It has vague similarities to a children's picture book, in both style of art and animation. A new dimension of experience is opened up by the picturesque style achieved here.

The most annoying thing about this title, though, is its length. Tadpole Treble is a very short game, totaling at just a bit over an hour. Short games aren't bad, but the $9.99 price tag may have you thinking twice before you invest in this title.
There are plenty of bonus challenges to take on, as well as a fun level designer mode that lets you compose your own music and swim through it, but the base game is still a bit on the light side. If you aren't a bit of a 'completionist', you'll find yourself putting down Tadpole Treble once the main quest is through.

Don't take the small story mode as a disincentive, though. Tadpole Treble satisfies not as a game, but as an experience. It has a unique gameplay premise, as well as flavorful music and graphics to match. Fans of Brawl In The Family will get an extra kick out of the game, as there are several continuity jokes peppered throughout the adventure.
If you're in the mood for something new, Tadpole Treble is right for you.

...drat, did I just unintentionally make a rhyme? Suddenly it's like a 'discount rhyme warehouse' in here.

Read the Brawl In The Family comic strip at this link: http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/

Here is the trailer for game: 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What This Book? What This Film?

Can anyone guess what these titles are from these 6 second summaries?

First person to guess each movie or book title (who was not at the meeting) wins a BOOK from the SLC prize cart here at Highland (as long as you can come pick it up here at the library before August 10th 2016).

I will update this post if guess correctly and the answers will be revealed in a post next week!

Book 1:

"What This Book:  A time traveling cowboy has to repeat the same mistakes over and over again in the hopes of eventually getting it right."

Book 2:

"What this Book: Distraught twin goes college. Writes book. Not really book. Feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels!"

Film 1:

"What This Film: Guy's computer and pill addition causes him to be stuck in slow motion."

Film 2:

"What This Film: Sad dad gets a job as a night guard and hallucinates about dinosaurs and small people."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Library Night Live: Curtain Pants

"Curtain Pants" from Library Night Live: filmed 7/13/16

(A parody infomercial inspired by the Snake Oil game.)

A video posted by @lcplibrary on

Milly Bays as Himself
Bobbie as The Pantless Wonder
Lottie as The Girlfriend
Tater as The Magic Hands
RedgieMcEdgy as the Introduct-inator/Camera Operator

Captions/audio description:
Setting: Infomercial set
Introduct-inator: "Snake Oil products presents a librACME product”

The Girlfriend: "I don't love you anymore. Your pants don't work."

Milly Bays: "Don't you hate it when this happens to you? Hi, Milly Bays here with another fantastic product. Introducing the Curtain Pants™ an extra pair of pants you can keep if your pants fall down while on stage. Just grab them from the curtain and apply them, they look just like your normal pants. Buuuut wait. It’s only 19.95 you said? There’s more! Order today and you can get TWO pairs of Curtain Pants™ for the price of TWO pairs of Curtain Pants™ yes that’s right, two pairs of pants for the same price as two pairs of pants. Call today! Plus shipping and handling."

Saturday, July 9, 2016

NOVUS LARP group at the Library!

The NOVUS Live Action Role Play group (a Medieval Fantasy LARP in Northwest Indiana) came out and did a presentation/demo for our community today. It was most excellent.

A photo posted by @lcplibrary on

One of the combat demonstration LARPers was fighting while wearing petticoats and a floor length skirt.  ðŸ‘ðŸ’«⚔ 

A video posted by @lcplibrary on

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hikaru no Go at Highland ALL MONTH LONG

Some serious Go players today at Highland... Teens read the manga of Hikaru no Go for the our July book discussion and we are watching the anime later this week! 

A video posted by @lcplibrary on