Monday, November 25, 2013

Part 3 - DS vs. PSP

Both consoles have their own unique way of storing game data. The Nintendo DS uses game cards, which can hold 128 MB of data. In addition, game cards are re-writable, meaning that game data can be saved directly on your game, rather than on the console and/or external device. The PSP uses UMD's(Universal Memory Disc), which, in short, are discs, which are used by all current-generation consoles. UMD's can hold nearly 1.8 GB of data(wow!), meaning the PSP is more ideal for developers like Square Enix, who is very popular for many RPG's, such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Kingdom Hearts. Unfortunately, UMD's aren't re-writable, meaning game data has to be saved externally on a memory card. Also, the PSP can download games, which can be saved on the memory card. The DS cannot download games because it doesn't have enough memory on the console itself, and has no external memory input.
The DSi(this is not a typo. The I in DSi is lower-cased.), which is an advanced model of the DS, CAN download games, due to an external port for SD cards. But, since the DSi is often considered an entirely different system, we're going to pretend it doesn't exist.
Winner: PSP
Music Quality:
Both consoles have the ability to output MP3 files in games, meaning both consoles CAN(and I use that term freely) output fully orchestrated music. In addition, the PSP has a function which allows you to listen to MP3 files. I'm gonna let that statement finish itself.
Another thing to note is that the DS, due to it's 128 MB limit, couldn't have as many songs in the games soundtracks, meaning the PSP was more ideal for people who wanted a more cinematic sense of gameplay. I'm tipping my hat to the PSP this time, but, otherwise, this one was a pretty close call.
Winner: PSP
Backwards (and Cross) Compatibility:
Backwards Compatibility means a system can play games that were released on previous-generation consoles. The DS has an extra game cartridge slot for Game Boy Advance games, which is awesome. I still use my DS to play the Mega Man Battle Network hexalogy(hexalogy means 6 pieces of media related to each other. e.g. Star Wars 1-6) to this day. Since the PSP is the first in the line of Sony handhelds, there is no previous console for it to emulate.
You CAN download certain Playstation One games off of the PSN store, such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 2, the Spyro Trilogy, etc.
The DS wins because it can play EVERY Game Boy Advance game, as opposed to the PSP, which can only play select PS1 games. No Tetris Plus here, folks. =(
Winner: DS
Continued in part 4

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nintendo DS vs Sony PSP part 2

In the next portion of this series of articles, I'll be looking at each individual aspect of the systems. The system that is overall better in that category gets 1 point. I won't be concluding which console is better just by looking at the scores, so if one console ends up with a higher score overall, that doesn't mean it's actually better.
The design of the console is one of the most important things to think about when comparing the console. For starters, both consoles are modeled nicely. The DS has a square-shaped feel to it. It doesn't feel bad, but in really challenging games, it can get pretty uncomfortable.
The PSP, on the other hand, is rounded on the edges, meaning it's easier to grip. While it may seem like I'm try to say the PSP is better, the PSP as a whole is very fragile. Just a couple drops could break it. also, there's nothing to cover the screen, so, unless you purchase a screen protector or some other device. But, while the DS can be uncomfortable at times to hold, it has a clam-shell design, meaning it can close itself to keep it's screen(s) clean. While the PSP may be more comfortable to hold, when you take consideration of the sturdiness of the devices, there is no competition.
The DS wins this one, hands down. There's no competition here, folks.
Winner: DS
Here's where things get complicated. As I stated earlier, the PSP is more comfortable then the DS, but, other than that, there isn't much different about them. Both systems have a control pad, four face buttons on the front of the device, two shoulder buttons on the top of the device, and a Start and Select button. Earlier models of the PSP are horrendous. The control pad is so close to the base of the device, meaning it's nearly impossible to use in side-scrolling games. Fortunately, later models of the PSP have fixed this. I would almost say that the PSP 3000 models have a better control pad than the DS, but that's just my opinion.
However, both devices have their own methods of input. The DS has two screens, and the one on the bottom is a touch screen, meaning nearly endless possibilities for game developers. The PSP doesn't have a touch screen(or a second screen, for that matter.), but there IS an analog nub on the bottom-left of the system, meaning more precise three-dimensional movement in games.
It is nice that the PSP has an additional method of directional input, but the DS touch screen has so many more possibilities.
Winner: DS
Battery Life:
This one is also pretty hard. The DS can hold about 4-6 hours of charge, while the PSP holds only 2-3 hours worth. On the other hand, the DS take about 4 hours to fully charge, while the PSP can rejuice itself in about 90 minutes. This is a really tough one to give a proper comparison, so I'll leave this at a draw.
Winner: Tie
To be continued in part 3.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Mail for Heroes - Supporting our Military

Thanks to everyone who came to the library last week and created some beautiful and interesting cards, filled with love, for our service men, women, and veterans.  This was done in conjunction the the American Red Cross Program "Holiday Mail for Heroes".  We are sending about 50 cards!

If you are interested in sending cards, the mail deadline is December 6th.  Contact Susan at the library for details or go to

We had a wonderful time making the cards and send our best to our troops and veterans!!

Nintendo DS vs. Sony Play Station Portable

Here's a look at the gaming industry via a famous system rivalry written by GadgetJax!!
The Video game industry is always trying to take one step ahead of the competition by releasing new Game Consoles to combat already-released consoles.
This has happened MANY times. THe whole purpose of the Sega Genesis(Known as the Sega Mega Drive in Europe and Asia)in 1989 was to rival the NES(Famicom in Japan), and it did. It was superior in pretty much every way to Nintendo's current consoles, well, until 1991, when the Super NES (Super Famicom in Japan) was released.
The Genesis and the Super NES had one of the most serious rivalries in gaming history(as of 11/4/2013, PS4 and XBox One may outrival it) and is still talked about and compared by fans to this day.
But I'm Not talking about that today, that's for another article.
Today, I'll be discussing another frequently talked about rivalry, The Nintendo DS and the Sony PlayStationPortable. Both console were handhelds(Meaning they didn't have to be hooked up to a TV, Moniter, etc.), and both were released in 2004(well, in Japan, at least. It took a year for the PSP to reach America.).
The DS was released on November 21 in America, and December 2 in Japan. On the other hand, The Sony PSP was released on December 12, 2004 in Japan, and March 24, 2005. Obviously, this gave the Nintendo DS more time to get acquainted with gamers.
Both systems also had a large number of launch titles available, meaning players wouldn't have to wait long for any blockbuster titles to come out for either system.
The following games were launch titles for their respective systems.

Nintendo DS:
Asphalt Urban GT
Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Madden NFL 2005
Ping Pals
Ridge Racer DS
Spider-Man 2
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt
Super Mario 64 DS
The Urbz: Sims in the City
Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Ape Escape: On the Loose
Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
Dynasty Warriors
Gretzky NHL
Metal Gear Acid 
Need for Speed: Underground Rivals
NFL Street 2 Unleashed
Ridge Racer
Spider-Man 2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix
Twisted Metal: Head-On 
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
Wipeout Pure
World Tour Soccer

Overall, it seems that both systems had their fair share of launch titles, but launch games don't make the console. Which console sold better?
The Nintendo DS. Hands down.
The DS, as of now, has sold 153.96 million systems. While the PSP only sold 76.3 million. However, we're not comparing which console sold better, but which console is the overall better choice.
So, which one is it?
To be continued in Part 2


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Case of the Cricket

Talk about warm weather in November.....while making holiday cards for our service members, (more on that to come), guess who we found!

And don't worry, Highland staff...the cricket wasn't dumped in the bookdrop!!!