Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Was it a myth, or not?  Either way, everyone had a great time last night at our Mythbuster Program.  Enjoy the photos!  They are but a small sampling of our experiments....

Future Scientists!
Tornado in a bottle
Eat straws, not marshmallows!
Myth or Truth?
What a great structure....awesome!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

THE EVENT - Mad Scients on Call!!!!!!!

Lily and the Worms

A big Thank You goes out to all our teen volunteers and all the children who participated!!

So, here we are right before the children attended the science program!  We were so happy that they enjoyed the experiments! 
In case you're wondering, we did an Artbot; made a battery turn into a magnet; made a compass that worked; made a throwie (bet you don't know what that is!); blew up balloons without blowing them up; magically cleaned pennies, and levitated a ghost!

In the animal kingdoms, we adopted twelve worms of the night crawler variety.  They were quite behaved during the morning session, however, they actually tried to escape by the afternoon!!!  They were very happy when we returned them to the soil outside!  We respectfully experimented with the worms to see how they reacted when under lights - mostly they wanted to hide!!  Then we tried to learn what type of smells they like or disliked.  They hated the raisins! 

Then we had a Harry Potter potion section with Mandrakes' Restorative Solution; some Harry Potter Magic in a cup; Magic Unicorn Milk, Liquid Enemies (a density experiment); Magic Mud; and Muggle Soap! 

Give the library a call if you want to know how we did these!  Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!!! 

Making a "ghost" levitate
Being a Sneaky Throwie!
Before the Exploding Elixar!

Mad Scientists in action!

Last Monday, the teens got together to work on their science experiments that they are presenting to school age children later in the week.  We worked very hard - and had a great deal of fun!! 

Mandrake's Restorative Solution in the making....
Magic Mud!
A battery is turned into a magnet

The ARTBOT!!!!

Magic Unicorn Milk makes you make faces!!

We survived the Zombies!

Lest you think the zombies got all of us (because I haven't posted in a while), be reassured that we survived.  Nineteen teens stopped in and created secure containers for their own home survival kit.  Check out the nifty resources at the CDC www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies.htm.

Then we used our catapults on our zombie village!  Enjoy the photos!!
This is the back of the village...containers are being made on the other side of the room
Ready, Aim......or eat marshmallows...
Some cool zombie reading!!

Yeah Morgan...even with her cast, she stopped in to play!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Reading - Zombie Style

 Stop in Monday, June 9, @ 6PM for our first teen/tween meeting for Summer Reading!

Please register.  Call us at 838-2394 or go to our website www.lcplin.org and look for the calendar.

We'll be looking at how to survive all kinds of disasters, plus, we have a Zombie Village, Zombies and catapults to try and hit the Zombies with.  

Plus some good zombie food!
We're looking for you!!!!