Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rube Goldberg - Summer Reading 2014

We didn't get too many pictures because it was just toooooo exciting to see the racetracks that everyone made.  And they all worked!! They were mainly created from cardboard, duct tape, boxes and coffee cans.  We ended up with four racetracks!  And a bird!

The Bird

We raced some cars on the floor as well...a little drag racing for fun! 

Teen Advisory Meeting - not what I expected!!

This was my last Teen Advisory Board meeting before I left for Griffith.  I was in the meeting room with two of the teens, making small talk, wondering why no one was showing up...hmmmm.....
So, Lily told me she wanted to show me something in the children's room, and WOW!! what a surprise! 
I will miss you all!  You're funny, smart, ingenious, and caring - yes, and AWESOME!!!!
........... and David is hiding!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sunrise Book Review by Lily W.

15741928Sunrise by Mike Mullins - Reviewed by Lily

Umm, so, the series ended.  The Ashfall trilogy has come to a conclusion.  I uhhh, I need a minute to absorb this information....
Whoa, still haven't absorbed this.  Oh well, I have places to be, things to do, a review to write (and probably rewrite).
So, as I have already established in another review, Ashfall books one and two (the second being Ashen Winter) are amazing.  This series is about sixteen year old Alex, a fairly normal teenager with a fairly normal life, until the Yellowstone Super volcano erupts.  The ashfall separates Alex from his parents and sister and the series covers his struggles with new obstacles caused by the environment.

These books are full of action (for those of you who like that, I know a lot of my friend do!), and even has the seemingly very popular post-apocalyptic theme that seems to make book sales skyrocket lately (a few examples that I love might be Ender's Game, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.)!!  One cool thing is that the first book focuses on the eruption and the next two are like the aftermath, I mean who doesn't wonder about their favorite characters after a book ends?

Make sure you check out this book at the library soon!

Break It to Make It....but we didn't really break anything!!

This week we took out our old computer parts and ended up making squishy circuits that lit up; jewelry; played with DC motors; and looked at an Arduino at work!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Bouquets from the skin of a keyboard
LED and a Squishy Circuit makes for a bright smile!
This isn't really Computer related, but maker-related!  It's leather from the Environmental Center and a button.  Just beautiful!!
We did the ArtBots again, this time with a more powerful DC motor
Leather, gold buttons and a hard drive disc
A Squishy Circuit Bow