Monday, September 15, 2014

The Trumpet Of The Swan (a review by GadgetJax)

For the most part, while I do like to read, when it comes to my personal Literature preference, I usually shy away from the new bestsellers in favor of classics. Today, I'll be taking a look at a book I was required to read for my School Schedule: The Trumpet Of The Swan.

The Trumpet Of The Swan follows the tale of Louis, a young Swan that can't talk. If this doesn't make sense at first, let me be a bit more informant. He can't talk, can't sqawk, can't make any Swan-related sounds. Ixnay. So, Louis learns how to play the Trumpet, so he can communicate with all of the other animals. (He also learns how to write, but it's not important at the moment, so let's just pretend that he doesn't.)

Pretty soon, Louis becomes a professional Trumpeter and starts playing at high-class establishments, such as Hotels, Restaurants, and the like. THe story may seem bland on paper, but it gets very interesting, despite seeming simple and childish. Louis has to go through many complicated decisions that do a good job of reflecting real life. Though, if I do have a gripe with this book is that, like many Classical Books, the ending is way too sudden, and doesn't do a terribly good job of wrapping up any loose ends.

Can I recommend The Trumpet Of The Swan to you, the reader? Yes, I can. It's pretty short, despite being around 200+ pages long, and it's something that would fit perfectly on my list of books that I would read more than once (Along with the How To Train Your Dragon series, Hatchet, and The Magician's Nephew.)
This is GadgetJax (David, as my peers call me), bidding you good day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If I Stay by Gayle Forman: A Quick Review by Lily W.

If I Stay is a pretty popular book right now, I am pretty sure there is movie premiering soon. In fact, I wouldn’t have been interested in reading the story if not for the movie trailer. A friend and I were watching the movie The Fault In Our Stars, watching the previews, when this trailer comes on. Just a shout out to whoever designed it THE ONLYREASON WHY I WANTED RO READ THE STORY WAS FOR THE LAST CHAPTER SO NEXT TIME YOU DESIGN A TRAILER MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENTIRE MOVIE! THAT TENDS TO MAKE BUYING TICKETS USELESS. 

So basically my friend and I had this joke where for weeks all we would say is how much we wanted to just read the last chapter, just to know how the story ends. Anyway, this book was really nice, it kept me in suspense the whole time, it used the literary device flashbacks amazingly. I also liked that there was a strings player (Mia, the main character, was a cellist, I myself am a bassist). Because I choose to NOT spoil the entire story line, I will just won’t disclose anything that wasn’t on the dust jacket. I will try to reveal nothing in the book and advise you to NOT watch that trailer unless you want to know the whole story. So Spoiler Alert. Basically Mia is a teenager with dreams to attend Julliard to study music, she has her parents, little brother (Teddy), boyfriend (Adam),and best friend (Kim). But one day all of that changes when her family (her included) gets into an accident with a semi-truck. From then on the book focuses on her thoughts and memories while in a coma which is a really nice way for us, the reader, because we can see a lot of what is happening outside of Mia herself, if that makes any sense. 
Oh if this review does not make sense read the book it is really nice!