Saturday, August 29, 2015

Quote of the Month: TAB

Quote of the month for August:

Zack: I hate the movie and game versions of Eragon, but I still play them both.

Jack: “Wait … how do you play the movie?

Zack, David, Lily (at the same time): You press PLAY!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GadgetJax Reviews: 'Meanwhile' by Jason Shiga

I'm constantly fascinated by the Graphic Novel section at the Highland branch. Sure, I don't read too many popular comics, but it's always fun to see what's new and unique. One specific book that has always attracted my attention was an odd book called 'Meanwhile', which only sparked my curiosity because of the abstract cover art. I eventually decided to pick it up and see if it was any good...
...and now I really want to read more Graphic Novels in my free time.

The first thing you need to know about Meanwhile is that it isn't any ordinary story: It's interactive. If you've read any of the 'Choose-your-own-escapade' books, then you'll know what I mean. To sum it up in a heartbeat, this comic allows you to choose the exact path you want to take when reading, just as if you were the one in the story. I liked this format a lot in the 'Choose-your-own-hodgepodge' series, and it's done even better here because the story is told through a comic format - kind of like a Video Game, if you will.
    As for the plot itself, you start the story as a boy named 'Jimmy'. You're at the Ice Cream shop trying to decide on a flavor to get, with your options being Chocolate and Vanilla. So, what happens if you pick 'good-old-gray' ice cream, you may ask? THE BOOK ENDS RIGHT THERE. Yeah, I'm not kidding. Jimmy gets his ice cream, eats it, heads home, and the story ends. Wow. Obviously, the story only starts if you pick 'boring-brown-chocolate'.

So, once Jimmy gets his 'bbc', he'll get a stomach ache from over-eating, which makes him scramble to the nearest bathroom. While trying to reach nature's call, he meets an old man named 'Professor K', who shows him around his lab. The lab is where you truly start the adventure, as the professor will give you 3 different inventions to test out: The SQUID (memory-reading device), the Killitorn 2000 (doomsday device), and a toaster.
...oh, sorry, I meant a time machine. A toaster-that-toasts-toast would be boring.

From there on, it's hard to discuss anything without spoiling one of the possible endings. The options start out as simplistic, but then they get almost mind-boggling. There's a section in the book where you have to enter a passcode to activate the time machine, and it's so realistic! I could easily see this book being translated into a point-and-click Video Game, based solely on how interactive it is.
    Obviously, there are a few flaws with the custom path style. The first is that the book doesn't explain to well on how to follow along with the story, which means you might be confused for your first 5 minutes reading. Secondly, it is VERY easy to read a spoiler for a later arc in the story because of how compacted the book is: A single page could contain upwards to 5 different plot chains!
    Meanwhile is pretty basic as a story, but the execution is amazing. I can't wait to see other authors start using this writing style, because it is one of the most unique ways to read. I would encourage you all to read Meanwhile if given the chance, and while you're at it, go read the 'Choose-your-own-challenge' series from long ago!

...wait, that wasn't the name, was it?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Review by Zack

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron

The avengers blast into action again when tony accidentally unleashes an untold force that threatens humanity. Can they fix this mistake? They might need some help from the newest generation of heroes. A couple x men classics make an appearance but in a new form. 

By Zack

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ashley's Review of Suddenly Supernatural by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Kat develops abilities and is able to see the dead. The only other perosn who knows is her one and only friend Jac. Kat is trying to find out what the ghost at her school is asking of her. She is trying to figure out what the ghost is still there and is trying to help.