Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lily's review of Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

A Review of 
By Rainbow Rowell

Ok so I'm not new to the Rainbow Rowell book universe, I've read Attachments as well as Eleanor and Park, but I think Fangirl really stands out! I really didn't like the others that much, that's what you get for having a friend that's a sucker for sappy weird love stories that give you the heebijeebies!
Okay so some generic no spoiler reasons why I like this book so much:

  • Adorable main character who makes you just want to hug her and tell her everything will turn out ok in the end!
  • A realistic and relatable setting that reminds me of college (I mean I think so, I'm still only in high school so I only have those brochures to compare it to in my head…)
  • REALLY fun characters that you actually love because of their different personalities! Or love to hate...that too!
So I can't really continue this book review, I feel like for this to keep going I need to be able to spoil things like the ending so I can complain and praise this book so 


If you read the book (I think you totally should check it out from the library!) make sure to read the rest and tell me what you think! Ok spoiler time!

JEEZ RAINBOW ROWELL COULD YOU PLEASE WRITE AN ENDING TO A BOOK THAT ISN’T SO ABRUPT AND STRANGE? Every time I read one of your books I feel like you just ripped it right out of my hands, like I WAS READING THAT DO YOU MIND? Or a more relatable comparison, you're just eating a sandwich and Rainbow Rowell comes up to you and goes HAH right in your face and swipes it out of your mouth running away laughing villainously! Even saying “SWIPER NO SWIPING SWIPER NO SWIPING SWIPER NO SWIPING” doesn't work! Once again I WAS NOT DONE WITH THAT! Like the ending for Attachments was ok (the whole book weirded me out a lot!) and Fangirl is, like, one million times better than Eleanor and Park (I'm literally puking in my mouth from that whole book) but for real Rowell it's like you can't decide when to stop so you just do! Like you could have finished a lot more hanging storylines by the end of Cath’s spring semester but you didn't! You seemed only worried about Cath and Levi’s she didn't even wrap up the fact that they wouldn't see each other that much in the summer and stuff. Not to mention the mother thing, like I respect that Cath doesn't want anything to do with her mom, but Wren and her mother Laura both want Cath to have some sort of relationship with her. Sooooo many loose storylines! I can't even fathom how an author who very clearly understands the need to finish a story right ( example: Cath obsessing over how to wrap up Carry On) could have totally disregard how her endings! Ugg! Just it was a really good book and you don't want your last memory to be sour! Right? Please agree with me Rainbow Rowell (not that you'd actually read this but slight minuscule chance that you do I'm sure you're a great gal...I just hate your endings:) )

So Cath and Levi, even though I'm, like, the most anti love and mushy goshies person in the world, even I can agree that this love story was not the grossest one I've ever read, it was sweet (even though sweet makes me want to puke on the inside, not in anyway does this reflect on Rainbow Rowell’s writing, just my total disgust towards love). I thought it was nice that Levi tried so hard, but I feel like that part where Levi made out with that other girl before he and Cath were a thing was a little forced, like it was written to show that “Dudley-do-right” could mess up, like he had to do that to show that nobody is perfect. Like it just made Cath not want to go back to school which was really saddening.

Anyways Fangirl has like THE BEST sarcastic lines! For real you guys it just is the kind of quick sarcasm that makes you snort laugh and think *I totally have said something like that*( I can be very sarcastic, in fact just this morning my mom said “ Don't you want to support *insert teacher name* and buy spirit wear? I believe my response was “ if he wants support so bad he can go buy a bra!”) this book made me keep reading for the quick one liners that are the best!

This book was pretty great and even though I sound harsh, it's just that I'm a harsh person and am very blunt with my reviews, so I hope you all enjoyed (the like two who read it:)love ya guys!) and see you at the next library event!


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