Thursday, June 30, 2016

Giant Games at the Library!

If you miss our Giant Games library program, don't worry, we are having another one at the end of Wednesday 7/27 at 3:45 PM. Next month we will be playing Live Action Angry Birds.

Sadly, you did miss the chance to play life size foosball. (This was a one time only kind of program, those cinder blocks were HEAVY!)

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We also had GIANT Jenga! Check out this epic play:

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Library? There’s an App for That by Lily

Hey everybody I have a different kind of review for you guys. Today I am going to review some apps that the library offers for us for free! And we all know that free is good right? So I’ll be talking about Mango as well as Hoopla. I've been dying to write this review so here it goes!

 So I’ll start with Hoopla because it is honestly great! I'm able to check out up to five books, movies, or music (I guess albums I haven't checked that out yet). It's really cool because they have a really nice selection and I can bring it on the go. I don't know what else to say other than this app truly rocks! I think it is perfect for people on the go!

Now onto the amazing app and website Mango! Mango is probably the app I use most, it is this lovely way to learn conversational languages (and a LOT of languages). I am learning Japanese and German in classes at school and this app helps me practice my speaking skills and changes up my usual curriculum by teaching me new grammar that isn't always covered in the textbooks. It focuses on conversational stuff like greetings, asking directions, and other really important materials. It's helpful to review and really great to learn some new tricks! I'm also practicing French (it's not offered at school so I wanted to try it out) and it is just as great for starting a language having no practice in as it is for helping me practice ones I study at school! I love practicing languages with this app! They have a lot of interesting languages I would love to look into and the only other language app that even comes close (free that is I'm broke so free=good) is duolingo. It's not that great in comparison though and only has a few western languages (that is ones that mainly use the English alphabet) and its audio is very robotic and doesn't give you a proper sense of the actual language but it still helps. Also Mango offers lessons in English as a second language in a LOT of languages! It's pretty awesome! One thing is that I wish Mango would also offer is sign language. I feel as if it would be a wonderful language to add because it's focus is on spoken languages and by adding sign languages they could really expand their customers (is it called customers for an app payed for by the library?). There are some good free online resources online and one or two free sign language apps too but I feel like Mango is so awesome and could be even cooler but that's just me fishing to find anything negative about the app!

 So overall I believe these are great programs and I am so happy to see the library offering these to the public! I love this because the library already does so much for the community by offering so much. I mean where else can you borrow the latest movies, music, books, and educational tools? There's a room you can use to tutor as well! I used to tutor some kids with disabilities that had trouble focusing with even small distractions and by using the tutoring room (don't know what it is actually called sorry) they really improved in school! Not to mention all the programs offered to kids, teens, and adults! The library has been a great place for my family to go throughout the years and I am extremely happy to be a volunteer there (and not just for the free snacks though those are a big incentive). It's great to see that apps are being integrated into the programs they offer to everybody because technology is a big part of our everyday lives. So thank you Highland library and everyone in it for being so gosh darn awesome for everybody!

(Librarian note: Mango is working on offering classes in American Sign Language (it is in beta right now)! For people with Full Access or Digital Access Cards at Lake County Public Library in Indiana, you will need to know your card number and your PIN to access Mango and Hoopla. If you live somewhere else, check your local library's website!)