Thursday, July 28, 2016

What This Book? What This Film?

Can anyone guess what these titles are from these 6 second summaries?

First person to guess each movie or book title (who was not at the meeting) wins a BOOK from the SLC prize cart here at Highland (as long as you can come pick it up here at the library before August 10th 2016).

I will update this post if guess correctly and the answers will be revealed in a post next week!

Book 1:

"What This Book:  A time traveling cowboy has to repeat the same mistakes over and over again in the hopes of eventually getting it right."

Book 2:

"What this Book: Distraught twin goes college. Writes book. Not really book. Feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels!"

Film 1:

"What This Film: Guy's computer and pill addition causes him to be stuck in slow motion."

Film 2:

"What This Film: Sad dad gets a job as a night guard and hallucinates about dinosaurs and small people."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Library Night Live: Curtain Pants

"Curtain Pants" from Library Night Live: filmed 7/13/16

(A parody infomercial inspired by the Snake Oil game.)

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Milly Bays as Himself
Bobbie as The Pantless Wonder
Lottie as The Girlfriend
Tater as The Magic Hands
RedgieMcEdgy as the Introduct-inator/Camera Operator

Captions/audio description:
Setting: Infomercial set
Introduct-inator: "Snake Oil products presents a librACME product”

The Girlfriend: "I don't love you anymore. Your pants don't work."

Milly Bays: "Don't you hate it when this happens to you? Hi, Milly Bays here with another fantastic product. Introducing the Curtain Pants™ an extra pair of pants you can keep if your pants fall down while on stage. Just grab them from the curtain and apply them, they look just like your normal pants. Buuuut wait. It’s only 19.95 you said? There’s more! Order today and you can get TWO pairs of Curtain Pants™ for the price of TWO pairs of Curtain Pants™ yes that’s right, two pairs of pants for the same price as two pairs of pants. Call today! Plus shipping and handling."

Saturday, July 9, 2016

NOVUS LARP group at the Library!

The NOVUS Live Action Role Play group (a Medieval Fantasy LARP in Northwest Indiana) came out and did a presentation/demo for our community today. It was most excellent.

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One of the combat demonstration LARPers was fighting while wearing petticoats and a floor length skirt.  👍💫⚔ 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hikaru no Go at Highland ALL MONTH LONG

Some serious Go players today at Highland... Teens read the manga of Hikaru no Go for the our July book discussion and we are watching the anime later this week! 

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