Thursday, July 28, 2016

What This Book? What This Film?

Can anyone guess what these titles are from these 6 second summaries?

First person to guess each movie or book title (who was not at the meeting) wins a BOOK from the SLC prize cart here at Highland (as long as you can come pick it up here at the library before August 10th 2016).

I will update this post if guess correctly and the answers will be revealed in a post next week!

Book 1:

"What This Book:  A time traveling cowboy has to repeat the same mistakes over and over again in the hopes of eventually getting it right."

Book 2:

"What this Book: Distraught twin goes college. Writes book. Not really book. Feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels, feels!"

Film 1:

"What This Film: Guy's computer and pill addition causes him to be stuck in slow motion."

Film 2:

"What This Film: Sad dad gets a job as a night guard and hallucinates about dinosaurs and small people."

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